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mysafe deposit box JULY 21, 2020 / BLOG

MySafe Kenya, Safe Box Rental to Kenyan Residents & Non-Residents

Banks across the world have different views on the concept of Safe Deposit Boxes. Most view the service as a loss leader and frankly a service they might feel obliged to provide but strategically, perhaps they would rather not. In some markets the Banks have withdrawn from the service completely, in other markets, those who provide the service do so reluctantly and there are long waiting lists for clients to secure a safe deposit box service.

In the UAE, an estimated 5,000 eligible Banking Customers can wait many years to secure rental of a Safe Deposit Box. In Kenya, the service is also not readily available as new regulations kick in.

MySafe Vaults Kenya has launched a convenient, stunning branch at Sarit Centre, ground floor, availing a Global Standard Safe Deposit Box Rental service to residents and non-residents.

MySafe Global Vaults is a leading member of the prestigious Safe Deposit Federation, recognized world-wide as a world’s first that has revolutionized the industry.

To express interest in reserving your safe deposit box in kenya, simply call or WhatsApp +254 707 129324 or email

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